30th Sep2013

Small Business Event Marketing Ideas

by Paulie

Small Business Marketing Ideas


Event marketing is one piece of small business marketing.  Small business marketing has channels that work well, with the best results happening due to consistency and overlapping media.  When marketing is done regularly, front of mind awareness for your brand of consumers is easier to achieve.  When more than one venue of message delivery is used, more people relate to the brand.

Small business event marketing provides consistency as well as overlapping message delivery.  Being able to get your brand name out in tabloids, online, TV/radio and public posting is powerful branding and lead generation.  Front of mind awareness is what consumers need for them to recognize you as a leader and/or a celebrity.

I recently read an article about 9 Simple Local Marketing Ideas for Small Business.  There are numerous ideas I can come up with, and this author has some too.  The article surprisingly brings up 6 ideas that are event marketing.  (I could discount one, but I think active Fish Bowl marketing can be considered an event depending on how it is done.)

Small business marketing is expensive.  And esoteric.  It is almost impossible to guess what the generate return of an activity will be.  Hiring a content manager for your blog and Facebook might be $300 a month or more.  What will be the results? Depends on what content is made and used.  $300 for a billboard a few blocks away.  What will that do?  Hard to say at 40 miles per hour.  What can be said about both is that they normally work when given two months or more of time.

Event marketing can slide right in to these venues of advertising.  Using both to generate  a specific time, or series of times, can generate buzz.  Buzz is spread through people who want/need your service/product.  One leads to another and so on.  Facebook and other social platforms are helpful for this.  If you are already spending on advertising, direct it to focus on getting people to your business for a reason.  The message is completely different than general advertising.

Sales can be considered an event.  Furniture stores and car lots are good examples of this.  Though sales are something I do not do often, they generate buzz at the expense of discounting products.  Not my favorite, yet it does work.  If your inventory is stale, this is a great way to move products out for new to arrive.

The article I read has recommendations that I would make as well.  Partnering with a Non-Profit, sponsoring a local event, hosting a networking event, and teaching a class.  These are known to work in my community.  People love these options because they can take something away from them.  Education, new relationships, and entertainment all come from event marketing, and your brand is in the forefront of providing these valued experiences for people.

Small business marketing is a challenge.  Getting the most of your money comes from wise decisions on how to reach the most people and get them in your business.  Leveraging marketing you already do, with an event plan, creates more brand recognition and lead generation.

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